Liverpool Legends Band

LIVERPOOL LEGENDS are four talented musicians and actors who were hand-picked by Louise Harrison – sister of the late George Harrison of The Beatles – to recreate the band that changed the face of music forever!

Louise’s involvement with LIVERPOOL LEGENDS makes them the only band in the world with a close, direct biological link to the original Fab Four! “Liverpool Legends present the very best portrayal of The Beatles since the only four guys to play The Beatles were John, Paul, George and Ringo!” says Harrison.

Headlining their own production in Branson since 2006, Liverpool Legends have been voted Best New Show, Best Band and Best Show in Branson. Now finishing their fourth season, their show once again is spotlighted by receiving the prestigious Branson's Visitor Choice Award for Best Show in Branson for 2009.

Members of Liverpool Legends have toured the world, playing in historic venues such as Carnegie Hall, The Cavern Club in Liverpool, recording at the famed Abbey Road Studios in London and performing with Denny Laine (co-founder of Wings with Paul McCartney), Pete Best (the original Beatles drummer) and the Boston Pops. They appeared on The Travel Channel's "Beatlemania Britain" and headlined "International Beatles Week" in Liverpool where 100,000 Beatles fans jammed Victoria Street to hear them in concert. Liverpool Legends received national attention as they re-created The Beatles 1966 concert at Busch Stadium in St. Louis in 2005 and now are the first and only Beatles Tribute to star in a continuing showcase in Branson, Missouri!

Liverpool Legends perform songs spanning the entire career of The Beatles and on through the solo years. With precise attention to every musical detail, along with costume changes, vintage instruments and special effects, Liverpool Legends will make you feel like you are watching the real thing! Together, these four lads will bring “A Complete Beatles Experience.”

Kevin as JohnKevin Mantegna photo

Kevin Mantegna as John is masterful in both performance and appearance. Kevin represents all Beatle and post-Beatle images of “The Smart One” to perfection, having refined his impersonation to make you believe that John is still with us. A fun-loving, playful performer, he incorporates every distinctive bit of persona and talent equated with Lennon. Even Paul McCartney himself, after meeting Kevin stated, "Hey, that's you! I could spot John out anywhere! You make a great John!" Kevin is the ultimate tribute to the late, great Legend.

Bob as PaulBob Beahon photo

Bob Beahon has traveled the world for the last 10 years performing as Paul McCartney, fine-tuning his energy, attention to detail and stage presence. His left-handed bass playing and close resemblance to Sir Paul place him among the top McCartney tribute artists in the world. Bob is one of the best musician's to ever portray Paul McCartney. His versatile vocal stylings enable him to sing those wonderful McCartney ballads like “Yesterday” and “And I Love Her” while still belting out "Long Tall Sally" and "Oh Darling” in true Macca Style. Bob’s note-for-note performance leaves every Beatle fan smiling and wanting more.

Marty as GeorgeMarty Scott photo

Marty Scott is a natural at portraying George , not only duplicating those amazing guitar solos note for note, but also recreating George's unique vocal style. As “The Quiet One”, Marty creates a “true-to-life” experience every time you see him perform. He is considered to be the best George impersonator in the business by someone who should know. Louise Harrison, sister of the late Beatle George Harrison, was moved to tears the first time she heard Marty perform and said she felt as though her brother were with her again. Recently, in a private meeting with Sir Paul McCartney, Louise introduced Marty as "my new adopted baby brother!"

Greg as RingoGreg George photo

Greg George looks very familiar! His astonishing resemblance to Ringo in both appearance and drumming style leaves audiences wondering if they are seeing the real Ringo! As a founding member of “1964 The Tribute”, Greg has performed in thousands of concerts including several performances at Carnegie Hall. He is well known as the most sought-after Ringo Starr impersonator/look-alike in the entire world. He began playing drums at age 11 and by age 12 was a jobbing musician. He has many fond memories from his early bands that performed with national acts such as The Lovin' Spoonful, Simon and Garfunkel, Peter and Gordon, Paul Revere and The Raiders and Sam The Sham and The Pharaohs. Greg says, "I am pleased to be with Liverpool Legends. These guys are genuinely heart-felt folks and very talented".

Louise Harrison´╗┐Louise Harrison photo

´╗┐Louise Harrison was born in Liverpool, England, the first child and only daughter of Harold and Louise Harrison. You may not know about Louise, but most of humanity in the latter half of the 20th Century have certainly heard of - and know a lot about - her youngest brother George. Yes, he was also the youngest of the four Liverpool lads known as The Beatles!

When Beatlemania burst forth in the early 60's, Harold and Louise Harrison responded warmly to the multitude of Beatle fans worldwide who wrote letters to and about their son, thus becoming Mum and Dad to a warm and loving Global Family of Beatle People. During 1964 and 1965 Louise, living in Illinois, found herself writing and broadcasting daily Beatle reports nationwide, due to public demand for news of The Beatles. Her distinctive voice with its British accent is immediately recognized by Beatle People all over the world. She has made hundreds of public appearances to greet and hug Beatle People all over the U.S., Europe, Canada and Mexico. When her parents died in the late 1970s, Louise became Mum, known by many as "the flying mum," to what she fondly refers to as her Global Family.

Bob Dobro as the 5th BeatleLiverpool Legends Stage

The Beatles had George Martin, Billy Preston and others who influenced the sound that people associate with one of the greatest bands of all times. Liverpool Legends are honored to have their own symphonic arranger and background producer in the guise of Bob Dobro. Bob has been interested in music since the age of two when he began listening earnestly to orchestral recordings. He developed his unique talent and technique through dedication to keyboard performance as well as arranging. Bob now joins Liverpool Legends to help create, live (without the aid of tapes or sequencers), the sounds that - in The Beatles’ era - could only be produced in the studio.